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Community Liaisons

Tashamarie_Brewer Card IconTashamarie Brewer

Profile Picture
Name that students call her:  Ms. Tashamarie
Years at Morey: 16 years
Years teaching: 16 years
Favorite Hobbies or interests:
Arts and crafts, teaching technology (computer basics), sports with kids.
Why do you love teaching? I love to teach children by the end of the year I can tell and see the development in each child. The process and stages of development makes me a better teacher.

Christina_Southivilay Card IconChristina Southivilay

Profile Picture
Name:Christina Southivilay
Name that students call her: Ms. Christiana  
Years at Morey:  7 years
Years teaching:  16 years
Favorite Hobbies or interests: Cooking, arts and craft.
Why do you love teaching? Being able to watch the student grow and become the person who they are today.