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Claudia Ponce - Nurse
Tuesday, Wednesday 8:00AM- 3:30PM half of Thursday
916-566-3485 ext. 22775

Gloria Flemons - Nurse Assistance
Monday-Friday 8:00AM-3:30PM
916-566-3485 ext.22774

Nina Sandhu - Speech Therapist
Monday-Friday 8:00 am-3:30 pm
916-566-3485 ext. 22766

Our preschool and kindergarten programs provide various screenings throughout the year. Examples of possible screenings include speech, hearing, vision, dental, blood pressure, behavioral, academic/social screenings. The date and type of screening will be posted on fliers throughout the school and classrooms between 3-5 days prior to the screening as well as automated calls. You will also receive  the screening results after the screening has been completed. In an effort to decrease students' anxiety and for the best results, please talk and prepare you child for the screenings. Some activities that can be done at home with your child before the screenings are:
  1. Counting the days until screenings - put the Screening Day on a calendar at home.
  2. The the children in advance where the screening will occur, who will complete the screening and describe the type of screening. 
  3. Replay the type of screening that is scheduled (i.e Cover one eye and ask them "What do you see?" etc.)
  4. Talk about the screening activity, and discuss how the children feel about it.
Using a variety of screening tools, your child will be screened in the areas of:vision, hearing, dental, heights & weights, speech & language, social & emotional behavior and cognition. Student Assistance Plan (SAP) meetings are scheduled as needed or as requested.  Parents will be notified of all screening results via automated calls and fliers.  Parents will be notified of ways to prepare their children for the various screenings,