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Daily Health Checks

The classroom teacher will conduct a daily health check each day before you leave the classroom. If the teacher determines that your child cannot stay in the classroom due to health reasons, you will be required to take your child home. Students must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. Any health concerns will be documented by teaching staff on the daily health form.


All medication given to children must have a medication consent form filled out by a doctor and placed on file with the health assistant/nurse. The health assistant/nurse or office staff will provide the form. There must be a current form for each prescription, stating frequency, amount and duration. This includes over-the-counter medication; over-the-counter medication cannot be administered without a physicians consent. 


If your child has an allergy, whether to certain foods or other things, there must be documentation from a physician.

Universal Precautions Policy

Universal precautions are not limited in use with individuals known to be carrying a specific disease. Precautions must be used in all situations and instances when blood or body fluids are handled. Precautions should be used daily as a part of good hygiene practices in all classrooms.

In the school setting, universal precautions should include:
  • Hand washing
  • Using gloves
  • Careful trash disposal
  • Using disinfectants 
  • Modification of CPR technique