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Houa Lee 

Hours: 8:00 am - 3:30 pm

Phone Number: (916) 566-3485 ext . 22762 

It is important to have a clear framework for the planning and practice of a developmentally appropriate program that address the following factors: 

  • Social emotional - Classrooms provide a safe emotional and social environment for children by respecting children's individuality, diversity, and development.
    Cognitive and Physical Development - Classrooms support the individuality of each child, generate creative an independent thinking, promote literacy and numeracy development, and provide appropriate physical stimulation for the development of young children.
  • Health and Nutrition - Classrooms promote prevention and education, daily physical activities, and monthly nutrition activities.
  • Equity and Inclusiveness - Classrooms are equitable, divers, and inclusive, reflecting and honoring difference in gender, language, culture, disabilities, and special needs of children and their families.
  • Parent Partnership - Parents, staff and the community partner in providing a safe and stimulating environment where each child has the opportunity and encouragement to achieve his/her greatest potential.
  • Pre-K Learning Development Guidelines - Both State and Federal Guidelines are enclosed in our curriculum so thoroughly that our students will master all skills needed to succeed in school.
Head Start and State preschool curriculum recognizes that a child's culture and family provide the foundation upon which the child's social competence develops. Parents are the primary educators of their children and the experts in their child's development. Parents and teachers will work together for the holistic growth of each child. All areas of a child's development are interconnect and teachers will address each area of learning.