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EHS Staff


Leslie Mitchem

Name that students call her: Ms. Leslie
Years at Rio Linda: 2 year
Years of teaching: 12
Favorite hobbies or interest: hiking, travel, listening to calm and soothing music, dancing, painting, swimming, going to the ocean, cooking, EATING lol 
Why do you love teaching? Because I love kids and love to observe them, interact with them and watching them develop their social, cognitive, physical and emotional dimensions of learning.  Kids smiles are my daily vitamins and I love being around them and being part of their lives!!

Lisa Rivera

Name that students call her:  Ms.Lisa
Years at Morey:  3
Years teaching: 1
Favorite Hobbies or interests: Biking, hiking and listening to podcasts
Why do you love teaching? I enjoy being involved with the children and see the progress that happens.


Name that students call her: Ms. R
Years at Village: Hanging in for year 1
Years teaching: Educating students in many capacities for over 16 years.
Favorite Hobbies or interests:Family and Friends, Photography, Traveling, and Learning.
Why do you love teaching? My love for teaching comes from learning from those I teach and being an active participant when they experience new things or overcome challenges, and their eyes light up!!