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Oakdale Head Start Preschool is located at 3708 Myrtle Ave. Ms. Leica's room currently serves 20 young minds with the help of two wonderful assistants Mrs.Maria and Ms. Cindy. We also have a new Toddler program. Ms. Nikki currently serves 8 Early Head Start students with Ms. Kang. The staff is dedicated to education, health, and well-being of your child and your family. We believe through partnership of parents, families, teachers, and other child development staff, that we can achieve great things. 

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Oakdale Preschool Teachers & co-teachers


Name that students call you: Ms. Leica
Years at Oakdale Preschool: 4 Years
Years teaching: 15 Years
Favorite Hobbies or interests:

Why do you love teaching?


Name that students call her: Mrs. Cook
Years at Oakdale & Village: 1 year
Years Teaching: 45 Years
Favorite Hobbie or Interests: Beading, quilting, crocheting,organizing my craft supplies! LOL!
Why do you love teaching? Lots of reasons, but my main reason is to see the students who come in without skills ( non-verbal) to watch them begin to understand they can communicate.!

Oakdale_Preschool_Co-Teachers Card IconOakdale Preschool Co-Teachers


Name that students call you:  Mrs. Maria
Years at Oakdale: 7 Years
Years teaching: 8 Years
Favorite Hobbies or interests: Traveling, walking, reading and spending time with my family.
Why do you love teaching? It is a pleasure for me to be able to help children learn at this stage of their life. I love teaching them to write first letters. 


Name that students call her: Mrs. ZainabYears at Oakdale: 1 yearYears Teaching: Favorite Hobbie or Interests:Why do you love teaching?


Name that students call her: Mrs. Rusul
Years at Oakdale : 1 year
Years Teaching: 
Favorite Hobbie or Interests:
Why do you love teaching?