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Monthly Bulletin

April is a month of many celebrations including the celebration of movement and Physical Education!  As part of our goal to reduce obesity and keep our students, both active and physically fit, we will have our annual Fitness Days during the week of April 8th!  All sites will participate in fun activities included an obstacle course and races at their sites.  Please also plan for our upcoming Roller Derby days during the week of May 20th to conclude our celebration of being active and getting fit!  During our Roller Derby Days, students are permitted to bring their own wheels (i.e. bikes, scooters, or roller skates, etc) to the school to have fun in the sun!  All students MUST also bring their helmets to participate in the event.  If you cannot bring any wheels, no worries the students can use the school’s bikes.  The goal of the event will to be to remind students about how much fun they can have playing outside and that exercise can be both fun and healthy!  Please see the fliers in your classroom for the specific dates for your classroom.  As always, parents please join us for these events to either participate with your child or engage in the FUN!