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Monthly Bulletin

Everyone has that special teacher that they will always remember from their childhood!  Do  you remember the nice things that they said to you or something special they did for you or maybe just the way they always made you feel sooo unique?!  The month of May is Staff Appreciation Month so here’s your chance to tell the Morey Avenue, Rio Linda, Village and Oakdale Superstars exactly how you feel!  Not only this month but it is very important that we continuously let all of the staff that make our programs so special, know how much we APPRECIATE all that they do for our students!  Please join me during this month as we celebrate staff and the many wonderful things that they do on a daily basis to make sure our students are successful in the future.  Smiles and hugs are always welcome! Thanks for all you do everyday! Morey Avenue, Village Preschool, Oakdale Preschool and Rio Linda Preschool Staff Rocks!